About Airmedica

The Company

Airmedica is the leading Irish brand in personal protective cosmetics, offering you reliable, safe and nourishing products which will strengthen the body’s natural defenses and keep you healthy everyday.

Made in Ireland with Irish ingredients, Airmedica is produced by LYNOSLIFE, where our purpose is to add value to how people Feel, Look and Live.

With over 30 years’ experience, our expert teams in Mayo and Cork are passionate about using the best ingredients possible to deliver the best products for you, your hygiene and your health. All our products are cruelty-free and vegan.

Airmedica Cares for the Community

At Airmedica, we believe that keeping our front line responders safe, keeps our entire community safe. We believe in supporting our community as best we can.

That’s why, since launching Airmedica we have worked with local hospices, hospitals and charities, such as Marymount Hospice, Crumlin Children’s Hospital, Mayo Roscommon Hospice and Cork Penny Dinners to donate hand sanitiser and hand cream to ensure our responders are kept safe.

We will continue to support these charities and others in every way we can.

Mayo Roscommon Hospice
Crumlin Children's Hospital

The Products

A refreshing and purifying hand wash. Infused with fucus vesiculosus and alginic acid, Cleanse is a gentle, vegan hand wash designed to cleanse, protect and revitalise your skin.

Centella – Beneficial for increasing skin’s elasticity, reducing inflammation and strengthening the skins’ natural defences.

Fucus Vesiculosus – Seaweed is a natural humectant which hydrates the skin by drawing in moisture from the environment.

A protecting and caring 70% alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

EN Tested – All of our hand sanitiser has been tested to EU standards to ensure it is 99.999% effective at killing bacteria and viruses. It works hard to keep you safe.

Caring – Our sanitiser is specially formulated to be hard on bacteria, but soft on skin. Our ingredients ensure that your hands are left sanitised, safe but not dried out.

A shielding and soothing hand cream, infused with aloe vera, avocado oil, mandarin oil and lavender oil.

Aloe Vera – Its anti-inflammatory qualities help to alleviate dryness and encourage rejuvenation of the skin.

Mandarin Oil – Inspires a rise in energy, this sweet, citrus oil helps to strengthen immunity, melt away daily stresses, and increase wellbeing.