Cosmetic Creations launches large-scale production of new hand sanitiser

We are delighted to announce we have launched a new hand sanitiser, named Airmedica, in direct response to demand created by the coronavirus. We are mobilising to deliver up to 2.5 million units, at up to 80,000 units per week, effective immediately.

Orders have already been confirmed for 40% of the potential units. Cosmetic Creations is the only manufacturing company in Ireland, which due to its state-of-the-art equipment and output capacity, can deliver to this scale and timeframe.

Aiden Corcoran, Owner and CEO of Cosmetic Creations, said: “We have been contacted by both the public and private sectors, to deliver a high volume of hand sanitisers with a short turnaround time. Following recent investment in our Cork campus, we have expanded our capacity, and are working to meet this immediate need.

“We are fortunate to have an agile team, who have been hard at work, formulating and testing this product and ensuring we have the resources to manufacture and distribute, nationally and internationally.”

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