Airmedica Automatic USB-Charged Hand Sanitiser Dispenser


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Desktop USB Hand Sanitiser

Our automatic USB Dispenser is the perfect option for your reception desk, or busy work space. The handy USB port means there is no replacing batteries, so your automatic dispenser truly is touchless. The automatic dispenser is motion detected, allowing customers to receive hand sanitiser without touching anything. The dispenser automatically dispenses the right amount of hand sanitiser ensuring there is no waste or excess hand sanitiser used.

For use with our Sanitise products. Airmedica is specially formulated to be hard on bacteria, but soft on skin.
Our ingredients ensure that your hands are left sanitised, safe but not dried out.

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These products are supplied empty and can be filled using any Airmedica sanitiser product.

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1 review for Airmedica Automatic USB-Charged Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

  1. maria callinan

    Brilliant product which dispenses gel without touch. Looks very sleek and clean. I am very happy with mine.

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